Ep051 Cancel Culture: Part 2 (and the REAL ‘secret’ to getting what you want)

After hitting social media and gauging people’s thoughts, we’re back to give a quick recap post part 1 of our Cancel Culture episode. This leads us down the path to sharing our concerns with the ever apparent whining, whinging and soft culture that is starting to brew. Why is everyone after a shortcut to EVERYTHING!?Continue reading “Ep051 Cancel Culture: Part 2 (and the REAL ‘secret’ to getting what you want)”

Ep048 Cancel Culture: Part 1

In this episode, the boys discuss the 1st part of our ever expanding cancel culture! What is it? Why it’s happening? And why it may be the demise of our language and how we communicate. Do you feel like your walking on verbal egg shells? Even if your intent isn’t to hurt someone’s feelings? ButContinue reading “Ep048 Cancel Culture: Part 1”

Ep040 Political Correctness and The Human Identity Crisis

Why do we hang onto beliefs and certain idiologies even after they have truly and deeply expired within us? In this episode the boys discuss what groups define us and why a majority of the population hang onto these beliefs. Why it’s ok to change your mind and why admitting that through growth and selfContinue reading “Ep040 Political Correctness and The Human Identity Crisis”