Ep056 Entertaining Nostalgia Nourishes the Soul

In this episode, a remote one, the pandemic strikes in Sydney again. In today’s show the boys get nostalgic. Not only that, we explore what nostalgia brings – love, heartache, reminiscence, joy, laughter, and everything in between. Why is that when we purposely get nostalgic the flood of emotions come rushing in? The boys argueContinue reading “Ep056 Entertaining Nostalgia Nourishes the Soul”

Ep055 When to know you’re talented, or not?

In this episode the boys start off talking about the current state of things that go beyond funny that it becomes stupid funny. It’s so bad, that it’s funny. But as they do, the show takes a quick left turn and they discuss at length about the challenges of the denial of not being goodContinue reading “Ep055 When to know you’re talented, or not?”

Ep052 A podcast in the barbershop

Originally planning to release this episode as a bonus show, we flipped the tables and decided to release this as an official episode this week. We joined our other brother-in-law David (there are a few brother-in-law’s clearly) in his ‘barbershop’ for a mid-week deep and meaningful barbershop chat, aka podcast. A fun, lighthearted, ‘behind-the-scenes-vibe’ typeContinue reading “Ep052 A podcast in the barbershop”