Ep003 The do’s and don’ts to a perfect wedding speech

In this episode, Daniel Ribeiro and Ivan Siladji go AWOL and relive the worst (and best) moments of wedding speeches they have witnessed. But, what’s a disaster without a comeback? We breakdown what you should and shouldn’t say in your speech by sharing some of our own experiences from our very own weddings. By aContinue reading “Ep003 The do’s and don’ts to a perfect wedding speech”

Ep002 Does a university degree still have value?

In this episode, Ivan and Daniel break down the stresses of choosing a tertiary education. We uncover how the school system may be failing you and why parents and carers need to make a conscious decision on being more proactive in their child’s lives. We take a deep dive into why acquiring a Student LoanContinue reading “Ep002 Does a university degree still have value?”

Ep001 Finally… We get started!

In the very first and historical episode of Journey to Wherever, we hit the ground running asking the question “would you choose fiction or reality? Or both?” We uncover UNO’s ever inconsistent rules and finally, we unwrap our plans of the journey ahead for this podcast. Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by twoContinue reading “Ep001 Finally… We get started!”