Ep034 Elon Musk & Neuralink, Part 2 (and more!)

In a continuation from episode 33 the boys dig deeper… a lot deeper in this episode! They elaborate more on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and play hypotheticals on the way we would communicate in an AI world after the birth of Neuralink. This is an episode that explores behaviour, emotions, communication, relationships and interactions with oneContinue reading “Ep034 Elon Musk & Neuralink, Part 2 (and more!)”

Ep033 Elon Musk & Neuralink, Part 1

In today’s episode, Daniel brings up episode #1470 of The Joe Rogan Experience. Elon Musk happened to be the guest and Daniel was intrigued by a multitude of things regarding Elon Musk and his intrinsic personality. Ivan elaborates more about AI and as a neuromuscular therapist, Daniel finds Neuralink very interesting!  We discuss our predictionsContinue reading “Ep033 Elon Musk & Neuralink, Part 1”

Ep032 Morning VS Night People

In today’s episode the boys are FINALLY back in the studio after weeks of lockdown! We go true JTW style and dive deep into discussing the differences between morning people versus night people, how they correlate with structured vs relaxed days, organised vs freely expressive etc. You’d be surprised to know that apart from beingContinue reading “Ep032 Morning VS Night People”

Ep031 Dealing with “getting old”

In this week’s episode we try and conquer a real challenge, one of which turns out both Daniel and Ivan are facing, and that is the reality of getting old. Now that these two blokes have hit their 30s, the signs are slowly creeping in. You’ll be surprised. Daniel brings up concerns about the earlyContinue reading “Ep031 Dealing with “getting old””

Ep030 The Lockdown Rabbit Hole

In this week’s episode we discuss a variety of topics around things we’ve found ourselves doing while we continue on lockdown. Daniel expresses his envy of Ivan’s BBQ game and a new steak recipe. Taking the Journey to Wherever, Daniel shifts focus to try and resolve his decision between getting an Xbox or PS5. IvanContinue reading “Ep030 The Lockdown Rabbit Hole”

Ep029 Ballers & Superpowers

In this episode, lockdown continues and we talk about one of the highest baller moves of the year… the UFC and fight island.  As you would expect, we quickly went down a rabbit hole talking about baller moves and the awesome things that rich people and geniuses do to fulfil their brains and hobbies. WeContinue reading “Ep029 Ballers & Superpowers”

Ep028 The Lockdown Episode – Degrees and Frat Parties

In today’s episode, for the very 1st time, we are forced to do a show remotely due to Australia’s lockdown laws and social distancing. We took a wildcard approach to this show, and it didn’t disappoint. We give an update on our own Australian COVID-19 situation, we provide an Autumn lawn update, Daniel’s expresses hisContinue reading “Ep028 The Lockdown Episode – Degrees and Frat Parties”

Ep027 The silver lining to COVID-19

In this week’s episode we go deep into life after COVID-19 and the silver lining to this pandemic. We try and answer the challenging questions – Who will rise and who will fall emotionally and mentally? Potentially a new way of life will arise and a new era will be established. People will be leftContinue reading “Ep027 The silver lining to COVID-19”

Ep026 Shows we’ll never forget

This episode is certainly a fun and strangely diverse show that starts with Dawson’s Creek and ends with an unexpected comparison of bondage with things least expected. Stay sharp and attentive as this show takes strange turns. In this episode we look back at the shows that had an impact on us growing up andContinue reading “Ep026 Shows we’ll never forget”

Ep025 The Science of Small Talk

In the boys longest episode to date, they go deep into the psychology of, and the different scenarios of small talk. We explore how people choose to engage in small talk, some of the tactics used and the general observations of small talkers. We manage to find a link between small talk and aspects ofContinue reading “Ep025 The Science of Small Talk”