Ep039 Peanut Butter, Clinical Treatment Plans & Black Holes

In this episode we discussed certain aspects of our careers along with a whole heap of random topics – cadaver labs, peanut butter, clinical treatment plansb, and much more. Enjoy the ride! Listen here;

Ep038 The Rise and Fall…

In this episode the boys breakdown why most of the greatest athletes, performers and singers of our generation, and those passed, have some sort of rise to superstardom but somehow have a dramatic fall. In true JTW style the boys have their theories and discuss some prime examples! Justin Beiber, Ronda Rousey, Ronnie Coleman, DiegoContinue reading “Ep038 The Rise and Fall…”

Ep037 Why it’s important you FAIL

In this episode we discuss failure and why failure is an integral part of development of one’s character, arguably even in all aspects of life. As always we go deep – we dive into describing the feeling of failure and why the “feeling” is what we need the most as opposed to the actual eventContinue reading “Ep037 Why it’s important you FAIL”

Ep036 Giving it all away for free or is Garyvee wrong?

In this episode, Ivan & Daniel discuss business intellectual property (IP). We explore whether giving it all away for free is the right approach as often promoted by important business and entrepreneurial figures such as Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Garyvee, and Kevin Hart. We dive into the “giving” and “documenting” your business ideas and IP vsContinue reading “Ep036 Giving it all away for free or is Garyvee wrong?”

Ep035 A true journey, to wherever

In this episode the boys discuss their journey and the new exciting traction that they are getting with the new listeners coming through… just maybe they’re doing something right. Ivan discusses writer’s block and how he continues to learn more and more about his co-host and brother in law, even after almost 18 years ofContinue reading “Ep035 A true journey, to wherever”

Ep034 Elon Musk & Neuralink, Part 2 (and more!)

In a continuation from episode 33 the boys dig deeper… a lot deeper in this episode! They elaborate more on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and play hypotheticals on the way we would communicate in an AI world after the birth of Neuralink. This is an episode that explores behaviour, emotions, communication, relationships and interactions with oneContinue reading “Ep034 Elon Musk & Neuralink, Part 2 (and more!)”

Ep033 Elon Musk & Neuralink, Part 1

In today’s episode, Daniel brings up episode #1470 of The Joe Rogan Experience. Elon Musk happened to be the guest and Daniel was intrigued by a multitude of things regarding Elon Musk and his intrinsic personality. Ivan elaborates more about AI and as a neuromuscular therapist, Daniel finds Neuralink very interesting!  We discuss our predictionsContinue reading “Ep033 Elon Musk & Neuralink, Part 1”

Ep032 Morning VS Night People

In today’s episode the boys are FINALLY back in the studio after weeks of lockdown! We go true JTW style and dive deep into discussing the differences between morning people versus night people, how they correlate with structured vs relaxed days, organised vs freely expressive etc. You’d be surprised to know that apart from beingContinue reading “Ep032 Morning VS Night People”

Ep031 Dealing with “getting old”

In this week’s episode we try and conquer a real challenge, one of which turns out both Daniel and Ivan are facing, and that is the reality of getting old. Now that these two blokes have hit their 30s, the signs are slowly creeping in. You’ll be surprised. Daniel brings up concerns about the earlyContinue reading “Ep031 Dealing with “getting old””

Ep030 The Lockdown Rabbit Hole

In this week’s episode we discuss a variety of topics around things we’ve found ourselves doing while we continue on lockdown. Daniel expresses his envy of Ivan’s BBQ game and a new steak recipe. Taking the Journey to Wherever, Daniel shifts focus to try and resolve his decision between getting an Xbox or PS5. IvanContinue reading “Ep030 The Lockdown Rabbit Hole”