Ep015 Should you bother with new year’s resolutions?

In this wide ranging episode the boys begin by discussing the varied approaches to goal settings and new year’s resolutions. We explore why some approaches work and why most just don’t. We also discuss our very own approaches and ambitions for 2020 and continue with kicks and giggles by throwing in a few hypotheticals. ThisContinue reading “Ep015 Should you bother with new year’s resolutions?”

Ep014 Celebrating our wins and the best podcasting business idea of the century

In this light hearted episode the boys look back on moments during their own lives in which they experienced or witnessed a great comeback story or a true winning moment. Some wins are simple wins, others could only of happened through the perfect alignment of coincidence, luck and being in the right place at theContinue reading “Ep014 Celebrating our wins and the best podcasting business idea of the century”

Ep013 Do you suffer from ‘Superman Syndrome’?

This episode, despite Ivan’s initial excitement, isn’t about the actual superhero Superman! Instead Daniel explores a potential “tongue in cheek” psychological diagnosis that he’s been discussing with his patients (that also happen to be psychologists themselves). This so called ‘ Superman Syndrome’ is something he has been deliberating himself for a very long time andContinue reading “Ep013 Do you suffer from ‘Superman Syndrome’?”

Ep012 Do kids need trophies?

In this episode the boys talk about the necessity of participation trophies and awards. We debate as to whether they are bad and what damage it is causing our future generation. We breakdown some of the reasons why schools have gone down the path of handing out 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards, participation awards, ribbonsContinue reading “Ep012 Do kids need trophies?”

Ep011 The daddy daycare episode

In this episode Ivan Siladji and Daniel Ribeiro courageously attempt to record a podcast episode whilst doing a daddy daycare weekend while their wives are away on a work trip. It doesn’t completely go to plan. On the flip though, they unofficially and unintentionally have their first “guests” of the show… their children. A funContinue reading “Ep011 The daddy daycare episode”

Ep010 Our little known hobbies

In this episode the boys play a little game about identifying each other’s unusual hobbies. In a test to their relationship as brother-in-laws and mates, they attempt to uncover how much they know about one another. This week’s fun and light hearted chat allows listeners to better understand a little more about the fellas thatContinue reading “Ep010 Our little known hobbies”

Ep009 Do life coaches add any value?

In this week’s episode, Daniel begins to share a story between him and one of his patients in which Daniel was recently asked to become a mentor for. The fellas uncover why you may or may not need a mentor and why they believe there is a big difference between mentors and coaches. Ivan takesContinue reading “Ep009 Do life coaches add any value?”

Ep008 What is a Multipotentialite?

Daniel Ribeiro and Ivan Siladji explore what it means to be a Multipotentialite. You may have heard of the term renaissance, polymath or even ‘jack of all trades’, but what about a Multipotentialite? What is a Multipotentialite? What does it mean to be one? How do you identify as one? Better yet, could you beContinue reading “Ep008 What is a Multipotentialite?”

Ep007 Pet peeves and a vegan question from a fan

We all have them, and Daniel and Ivan are no exception — pet peeves, pet hates, things that straight up get you going. In this week’s episode the boys open a can of worms and let loose on their pet peeves may come as no surprise, others are left field, surprising each other. After weContinue reading “Ep007 Pet peeves and a vegan question from a fan”

Ep006 Navigating difficult heated family (and work) conversations

In this episode, we take on a difficult question posed by one of our listeners; “How do you handle heated discussions with family or work?” The fellas provide tips & tricks around difficult conversations through a combination of both their own work and life experiences as well as the experiences of others. We stretch theContinue reading “Ep006 Navigating difficult heated family (and work) conversations”