Ep025 The Science of Small Talk

In the boys longest episode to date, they go deep into the psychology of, and the different scenarios of small talk. We explore how people choose to engage in small talk, some of the tactics used and the general observations of small talkers. We manage to find a link between small talk and aspects ofContinue reading “Ep025 The Science of Small Talk”

Ep024 Coronavirus – should we be scared?

In this episode we explore everyone’s reaction to the coronavirus outbreak and the crazy behaviours that are unfolding. We randomly detour into planting a cactus and the curious case of the prickly pear. A fun and diverse chat… #huntingburbanks 😂 Listen here; About the podcast: Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by two matesContinue reading “Ep024 Coronavirus – should we be scared?”

Ep023 Volunteered as Soccer Dads

In this episode the boys discuss their new realities of becoming soccer coaches for the very first time to each of their boys soccer teams. They discuss the importance of physical activity for kids, team sports, individual activities, parental politics and much more. A very light hearted conversational episode ditching the deep and meaningful thisContinue reading “Ep023 Volunteered as Soccer Dads”

Ep022 Organisation vs Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

In this episode we discuss the fine line between being organised and having obsessive compulsive tendencies, or just full blown Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). We compare a few of our own compulsions and explore whether there is truth in everyone having a form of OCD. A fun episode in which we are sure all canContinue reading “Ep022 Organisation vs Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)”

Ep021 What does it feel like to chase fame?

In this episode the boys casually talk about who’s on their bucket list to meet. They talk all things fame, all it’s glory and all the downsides. Ivan secretly wants to be famous, like he REALLY wants to be famous and Daniel has an unusual obsession with Carl Weathers aka Apollo Creed! Listen here;

Ep020 Conspiracy Theories

Okay… to be honest? This is probably one of the most left field episodes the boys have done to date. The boys casually bring up why society is obsessed with a conspiracy theory and all the psychological behaviours associated with it. It kind of goes deep, true to their conversational style – until it takesContinue reading “Ep020 Conspiracy Theories”

Ep019 Expectations vs Reality

In this episode the boys discuss how expectations often misguide the reality of your journey, whatever that maybe. The boys agree that being present, patient and true to yourself enables your journey to be as real as it gets. We often have a vision of where we want things to be and through a lackContinue reading “Ep019 Expectations vs Reality”

Ep018 Customer service NIGHTMARES

In this episode, Ivan and Daniel reflect on their experiences on the receiving end of customer service in an ever competitive marketplace. Be it with fast food, retail or with some of the largest brands in the world, each having their weaknesses which could inevitably see their failure. We explore the importance of good customerContinue reading “Ep018 Customer service NIGHTMARES”

Ep017 Do we have a mental health crisis?

In this episode the boys talk about the ever struggling battle of mental health in our youth and how to combat it. Daniel suggests that a plan should be put into action and Ivan plays Devil’s advocate. An intriguing episode that will force you to pick sides.  Some of the questions we answer; Are weContinue reading “Ep017 Do we have a mental health crisis?”

Ep016 First world problems

In this episode the boys discuss 1st world type dilemmas! There’s a lot of laughter and possibly not very much resolutions to these issues, but the laughs count for something as we laugh ourselves to tears. Clint Eastwood, poisoning trees, lawns, BBQ’s, Maury Povich and a few more topics get brought up. A fun andContinue reading “Ep016 First world problems”