Ep044 Visionary vs Practicality

In this episode the boys explore wonders of mindset. Particularly those who consider themselves a visionary and those who align more with practicality. There’s neither a right or wrong way to be, but ultimately if you can blend the two it’s the ultimate recipe for success. But for the purpose of the show the boysContinue reading “Ep044 Visionary vs Practicality”

Ep043 The dangers (and benefits) of procrastination

Why do we procrastinate? How annoying is it when someone ponders on a decision? Just make the bloody decision already! But maybe there’s a method to the madness of procrastination. Just maybe if we delay that decision just a little more, the perfect outcome will arise? But like most things… everything in moderation! If youContinue reading “Ep043 The dangers (and benefits) of procrastination”

Ep042 How to handle awkward moments

In this episode the boys lightly discuss those moments you wish never existed! We revisit the days we got our hearts broken, bad breakups etc. We unwrap how you can overcome being told you’re just not good enough….or those days you were told… “look, it’s not you it’s me” type of conversations. We all hateContinue reading “Ep042 How to handle awkward moments”

Ep041 Soccer, Fake Courses, Deadly Aussie Animals, Bodybuilding and Health & Immunity

In today’s episode the boys have a casual chat about a lot of different things. The diversity of the title of the show is a true representation of the JTW podcast. So try your best to keep up with the twists and turns that this show has because before you know.. the hour mark hits…Continue reading “Ep041 Soccer, Fake Courses, Deadly Aussie Animals, Bodybuilding and Health & Immunity”

Ep040 Political Correctness and The Human Identity Crisis

Why do we hang onto beliefs and certain idiologies even after they have truly and deeply expired within us? In this episode the boys discuss what groups define us and why a majority of the population hang onto these beliefs. Why it’s ok to change your mind and why admitting that through growth and selfContinue reading “Ep040 Political Correctness and The Human Identity Crisis”

Ep039 Peanut Butter, Clinical Treatment Plans & Black Holes

In this episode we discussed certain aspects of our careers along with a whole heap of random topics – cadaver labs, peanut butter, clinical treatment plansb, and much more. Enjoy the ride! Listen here;

Ep038 The Rise and Fall…

In this episode the boys breakdown why most of the greatest athletes, performers and singers of our generation, and those passed, have some sort of rise to superstardom but somehow have a dramatic fall. In true JTW style the boys have their theories and discuss some prime examples! Justin Beiber, Ronda Rousey, Ronnie Coleman, DiegoContinue reading “Ep038 The Rise and Fall…”

Ep037 Why it’s important you FAIL

In this episode we discuss failure and why failure is an integral part of development of one’s character, arguably even in all aspects of life. As always we go deep – we dive into describing the feeling of failure and why the “feeling” is what we need the most as opposed to the actual eventContinue reading “Ep037 Why it’s important you FAIL”

Ep036 Giving it all away for free or is Garyvee wrong?

In this episode, Ivan & Daniel discuss business intellectual property (IP). We explore whether giving it all away for free is the right approach as often promoted by important business and entrepreneurial figures such as Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Garyvee, and Kevin Hart. We dive into the “giving” and “documenting” your business ideas and IP vsContinue reading “Ep036 Giving it all away for free or is Garyvee wrong?”

Ep035 A true journey, to wherever

In this episode the boys discuss their journey and the new exciting traction that they are getting with the new listeners coming through… just maybe they’re doing something right. Ivan discusses writer’s block and how he continues to learn more and more about his co-host and brother in law, even after almost 18 years ofContinue reading “Ep035 A true journey, to wherever”