Ep056 Entertaining Nostalgia Nourishes the Soul

In this episode, a remote one, the pandemic strikes in Sydney again. In today’s show the boys get nostalgic. Not only that, we explore what nostalgia brings – love, heartache, reminiscence, joy, laughter, and everything in between. Why is that when we purposely get nostalgic the flood of emotions come rushing in? The boys argueContinue reading “Ep056 Entertaining Nostalgia Nourishes the Soul”

Ep055 When to know you’re talented, or not?

In this episode the boys start off talking about the current state of things that go beyond funny that it becomes stupid funny. It’s so bad, that it’s funny. But as they do, the show takes a quick left turn and they discuss at length about the challenges of the denial of not being goodContinue reading “Ep055 When to know you’re talented, or not?”

Ep054 The strange power of “Trash Talking”

In today’s episode the boys explore the history of talking trash! In other words, psyching your opponent out. Who does it best? Connor McGregor, Mohammed Ali, Presidents? Are you an ‘actions speak louder than words’ person or do you talk your opponent down? Whichever you prefer, wherever the setting is, it’s a plausible technique. HavingContinue reading “Ep054 The strange power of “Trash Talking””

Ep053 A beacon of hope

Where are our modern day Superheroes? Is it the likes of your Nelson Mandela’s, Mother Theresa’s, Princess Diana and Ghandi’s who are no longer present? This world needs a current beacon of hope! Is the current state of the world scaring the potential of some of these people to rise? Or do these people existContinue reading “Ep053 A beacon of hope”

Ep052 A podcast in the barbershop

Originally planning to release this episode as a bonus show, we flipped the tables and decided to release this as an official episode this week. We joined our other brother-in-law David (there are a few brother-in-law’s clearly) in his ‘barbershop’ for a mid-week deep and meaningful barbershop chat, aka podcast. A fun, lighthearted, ‘behind-the-scenes-vibe’ typeContinue reading “Ep052 A podcast in the barbershop”

Ep051 Cancel Culture: Part 2 (and the REAL ‘secret’ to getting what you want)

After hitting social media and gauging people’s thoughts, we’re back to give a quick recap post part 1 of our Cancel Culture episode. This leads us down the path to sharing our concerns with the ever apparent whining, whinging and soft culture that is starting to brew. Why is everyone after a shortcut to EVERYTHING!?Continue reading “Ep051 Cancel Culture: Part 2 (and the REAL ‘secret’ to getting what you want)”

Ep050 Celebrating Privilege on Episode 50!

In today’s celebratory episode the boys reach their first milestone in 50 episodes!! All things humbleness, humility, gratitude, reflection, appreciation and privilege is discussed. Reaching a milestone albeit it a small one is always exciting when it’s a new adventure. If you’re a JTW fan and an origin story listener, then you’ll appreciate this episodeContinue reading “Ep050 Celebrating Privilege on Episode 50!”

Ep049 How Elon Musk and Neuralink Will Change Humanity

In this episode the boys discuss Elon Musk’s latest neuralink demo and Q&A update. The reality is this is here, it’s fast approaching us and without exaggeration it is truly groundbreaking technology! The human brain will never be the same again. Any form of neurological dysfunction could potentially be cured… legitimately cured. Listen here; WatchContinue reading “Ep049 How Elon Musk and Neuralink Will Change Humanity”

Ep048 Cancel Culture: Part 1

In this episode, the boys discuss the 1st part of our ever expanding cancel culture! What is it? Why it’s happening? And why it may be the demise of our language and how we communicate. Do you feel like your walking on verbal egg shells? Even if your intent isn’t to hurt someone’s feelings? ButContinue reading “Ep048 Cancel Culture: Part 1”

Ep047 The Anti-climax

In today’s show the boys kick back and have a light hearted show and discuss their anti-climactic moments of their life. What is it about creating such a build up of emotion and expectation in your head that when the moment arrives and it’s not what you expect, you just have this automatic low? OrContinue reading “Ep047 The Anti-climax”