Ep056 Entertaining Nostalgia Nourishes the Soul

In this episode, a remote one, the pandemic strikes in Sydney again. In today’s show the boys get nostalgic. Not only that, we explore what nostalgia brings – love, heartache, reminiscence, joy, laughter, and everything in between. Why is that when we purposely get nostalgic the flood of emotions come rushing in? The boys argue that getting nostalgic is even good for the soul on a weekly basis, almost nourishing it.

Nostalgia brings happiness and also keeps you grounded. Not all nostalgic moments are the best, but one thing is for sure… at least you can look back, enjoy, reminisce, and then realise that you can now look forward and enjoy life and repeat this process over and over again. Life is good. Enjoy the show!

Listen here;

Published by Journey to Wherever the Podcast

Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by two mates who also just happen to be brother-in laws, getting together each week to record discussions that shouldn’t be left unsaid. Daniel and Ivan discuss many topics from lifestyle, philosophy, parenting, life’s general hypotheticals and business & entrepreneurship. Each episode is sure to take you on a journey filled with laughs, debates and (maybe) tears. We believe that deep conversations facilitate ones quest to better understand ourselves and others on this journey to being greater humans. We hope this show provides you value and that our perspective has an impact on your own Journey to Wherever.

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