Ep051 Cancel Culture: Part 2 (and the REAL ‘secret’ to getting what you want)

After hitting social media and gauging people’s thoughts, we’re back to give a quick recap post part 1 of our Cancel Culture episode. This leads us down the path to sharing our concerns with the ever apparent whining, whinging and soft culture that is starting to brew. Why is everyone after a shortcut to EVERYTHING!? Why can’t we instil old’ fashioned hard work ethics and discipline to get what we truly want? This is not a “how to episode”, this is a “harden the f**k up episode 🙂 By all means the boys aren’t your typical rough and tough Vikings…. BUT they can both teach you a thing or two about good old fashioned ethics and discipline. The secret is stop looking for shortcuts. Just do the work and have the humility to understand where you need to improve and keep chipping away until you get there… that is it!! Enjoy!!

Listen here;

Published by Journey to Wherever the Podcast

Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by two mates who also just happen to be brother-in laws, getting together each week to record discussions that shouldn’t be left unsaid. Daniel and Ivan discuss many topics from lifestyle, philosophy, parenting, life’s general hypotheticals and business & entrepreneurship. Each episode is sure to take you on a journey filled with laughs, debates and (maybe) tears. We believe that deep conversations facilitate ones quest to better understand ourselves and others on this journey to being greater humans. We hope this show provides you value and that our perspective has an impact on your own Journey to Wherever.

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