Ep040 Political Correctness and The Human Identity Crisis

Why do we hang onto beliefs and certain idiologies even after they have truly and deeply expired within us? In this episode the boys discuss what groups define us and why a majority of the population hang onto these beliefs. Why it’s ok to change your mind and why admitting that through growth and self development we change our views about ourselves and others. The key ingredient of evolution and evolving within, will put you in a position of questioning and affirmation of what you believe in!! We should allow for opinion, we should be allowed to respectively state our thoughts and not be criticised especially if our thoughts are still archaic, and we should take a chill pill and…. f**ken relax… an opinion is exactly that… enjoy!

Listen here;

Published by Journey to Wherever the Podcast

Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by two mates who also just happen to be brother-in laws, getting together each week to record discussions that shouldn’t be left unsaid. Daniel and Ivan discuss many topics from lifestyle, philosophy, parenting, life’s general hypotheticals and business & entrepreneurship. Each episode is sure to take you on a journey filled with laughs, debates and (maybe) tears. We believe that deep conversations facilitate ones quest to better understand ourselves and others on this journey to being greater humans. We hope this show provides you value and that our perspective has an impact on your own Journey to Wherever.

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