Ep032 Morning VS Night People

In today’s episode the boys are FINALLY back in the studio after weeks of lockdown! We go true JTW style and dive deep into discussing the differences between morning people versus night people, how they correlate with structured vs relaxed days, organised vs freely expressive etc.

You’d be surprised to know that apart from being co-hosts to the show they actually sit on opposite sides of the fence on this one. Somehow they find the balance to create this journey to wherever. Maybe that’s the key?

Enjoy this wide ranging show discovering what type of personality you are and exploring with us how you get your day started and how your day is panned out, whether you’re a morning or a night person.

Listen here;

Enjoy the show!

Daniel & Ivan, Journey to Wherever.

Published by Journey to Wherever the Podcast

Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by two mates who also just happen to be brother-in laws, getting together each week to record discussions that shouldn’t be left unsaid. Daniel and Ivan discuss many topics from lifestyle, philosophy, parenting, life’s general hypotheticals and business & entrepreneurship. Each episode is sure to take you on a journey filled with laughs, debates and (maybe) tears. We believe that deep conversations facilitate ones quest to better understand ourselves and others on this journey to being greater humans. We hope this show provides you value and that our perspective has an impact on your own Journey to Wherever.

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