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About the Show

Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by two mates who also just happen to be brother-in laws, getting together each week to record discussions that shouldn’t be left unsaid. Daniel and Ivan discuss many topics from lifestyle, philosophy, parenting, life’s general hypotheticals and business & entrepreneurship.

Each episode is sure to take you on a journey filled with laughs, debates and (maybe) tears. We believe that deep conversations facilitate ones quest to better understand ourselves and others on this journey to being greater humans. We hope this show provides you value and that our perspective has an impact on your own Journey to Wherever.

The Hosts

Daniel Ribeiro

Daniel is a Neuro-Muscular Therapist, running his own Sydney-based private practice. When he is not treating patients, he is outdoors enjoying landscaping and design. He is an avid UFC fan, father, and student of the behavioural sciences.

Ivan Siladji

Ivan is a scientist by day and a writer by night. A multipotentialite working in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector as his 9-5; outside of that he writes for his blog if he isn’t busy parenting.

As Co-hosts

Daniel and Ivan, although great mates, are also brother-in-laws. Sharing great on-mic chemistry and a bromance that makes you laugh, together they host a show that is filled with not only educated insights but fun banter.

Latest Episodes

Ep062 The fine line between authenticity and your facade

In this episode the boys discuss the impact of always striving and aiming to become your authentic self at all times. But for various reasons, for our own protection, we always create a facade. Facades are generally there for protection and overtime we “if” we feel comfortable we slowly reveal our authentic selves. But whatContinue reading “Ep062 The fine line between authenticity and your facade”

Ep061 We revisit the greatest movies and TV shows of ALL TIME

In today’s episode we revisit an original topic back in episode 5. Ivan and Daniel often are quite reflective men. They are advocates to the fact that nostalgia nourishes the soul. What better way to nourish the soul than to look back at our favourite TV shows and movies. Magnum PI, Knight Rider, rocketeer, dragonContinue reading “Ep061 We revisit the greatest movies and TV shows of ALL TIME”


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